Calculation of fits according ISO 286 (2010)

The dimensions of a fit are calculated using the tolerances according to ISO 286 (2010). In addition to the deviations of shaft and hub, the span, clearance or interference of the fit is shown as result. The tolerances according ISO 286 are defined up to 3150mm or up to 500mm dependend on the selected tolerance field.
These online calculations are provided free of charge by MESYS AG. The software is tested and no errors are known, but there is no warranty for the correctness of the results and for the availability of the calculations. The usage is at own risk.

Nominal sizeDmm
Tolerance hub
Upper limit deviationESmm
Lower limit deviationEImm
Tolerance shaft
Upper limit deviationesmm
Lower limit deviationeimm
Transition fit
Maximum clearancecmaxmm
Minimum clearancecminmm
Minimum interferenceiminmm
Maximum interferenceimaxmm